1956 -2016, 60 years of Louisa County Rescue Squad, Inc. as celebrated in our Virginia State Governement thru a resolution introduced on the House floor from Delegate William R Janis in 2006.

In October 1956, a group of Louisa County citizens met with the idea of forming a countywide rescue squad for its population of approximately 12,900 citizens. Invited to the meeting were members of the Orange County Rescue Squad who brought some of their equipment and shared information about rescue work. Officers were chosen, a plan was made and Louisa County Rescue Squad was charted on November 1, 1956. Station wagons would be the first ambulances – each to be located in the Towns of Louisa and Mineral. The public was invited & encouraged to participate in a first aid class or assist with fund raising activities.

On November 5, 1956, nineteen men completed a American Red Cross First Aid course. A week later, over a hundred people gathered at the first campaign to raise funds for the new organization that netted $3600.00.

On January 11, 1957, a 1957 Ford station wagon equipped with necessary emergency first aid gear & Duty Unit #1, a four-man duty crew, was ready to answer emergency calls in. On duty from 8pm until 6am, the first duty crew would be available for rescue calls for the next seven nights before the next crew would take over. Calls for help would be routed through telephone operators, the Sheriff’s Office, the Louisa Medical Center or local State Troopers.

Now it is 2016 and hundreds of rescue members have given their time to serve those in need of medical assistance. Basic first aid classes have given way to advanced life support technicians. The station wagons of 1956 have been replaced with diesel truck chassis & box units containing high-tech equipment routinely used in life and death situations.

The 60-year success of Louisa County Rescue Squad is attributed to the commitment of its members and the citizens of Louisa County. The rescue members have provided the care, the citizens have provided the means – to include both financial support for operational expenses and emotional support from friends and families – neither of which we can or would want to do without.

On Saturday, May 20, 2006, we met to acknowledge and pay tribute not only to those Charter Members whose initial perseverance created this very worthwhile organization, but also to the many Senior and Junior members who continue honor our mission statement: TO ASSIST IN THE DELIVERY OF BASIC AND ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT CARE FOR THE CITIZENS OF LOUISA COUNTY.

Members through the years!

Alhizer, Harold; Amick, Albert; Anderson, David; Apperson, Jesse Ray; Apperson, Jessie Ray; Ashworth, Raymond; Ayers, Johnny; Badgett, Cecil; Bailey, Jerry; Baker, Toot; Barber, John; Bell, Jim; Bickley, Calvin; Bickley, Cecil; Bickley, Marion; Bickley, Ralph & Deborah; Birckhead, Forrest; Bittman, Mark; Bourne, Larry; Bowles, Arlene; Boyd, Monica; Breeden, David; Brooks, Jim; Brown, Emily; Butler, Kim; Cameron, Stuart; Carter, Willard; Cavanaugh, John; Cheeley, Ed; Clark, Debbie; Clark, Vern; Clough, Barbara; Cretella, John; Cutwright, Linwood; Davis, Paul; Dean, Johnny; Dean, Nicole; Dickinson, Earl; Dobbins, Lewis; Ellis Hopkins, Roy; Fleshman, James; Fortune, Ashland; Freeman, Tammy Towsey ; Goodwin, Dennis; Goodwin, Pat; Goodwin, Ralph; Grant, Becky ; Greep, Bob; Greer, Everett; Hall, AP ; Hall, James; Hamilton, Terry; Harding, Clayd; Hargreaves, Bob; Harlow, Ray; Harper, Willie; Hart, Billy & Sharon; Hawley, Johnny; Henshaw, Randy; Hicks, Hank; Holley, Doris; Hoover, Ken; Humphries, Jay; Jacobs, Dave; Jenkins, Vela; Johnson, Bill; Johnson, Bruce; Johnson, Matt ; Jones, Buddy; Kennon, Gladys; Kinzer, Jane; Kinzer, Mike; Leonard, Tom ; Long, Mike; Lott Reynolds, Rhonda; Luck, Tommy; Lupton, John; Mahanes, Ross; Maples, Malcolm; Mason, Ray & Hazel; Matkins, Mike; McGehee, Pete; McGehee, Snake; McIlwee, Wayne; McLaughlin, Tom & Lori; Milton, Ann Carter ; Mitcheltree, Wesley; Morris, Carol ; Morris, John ; Morris, Pat Bentley ; Nicholson, James; Noel, Manning; Nuckols III, AC & Linda; O’Shields, Nancy; Palmer, Ken & Joyce; Palmer, Kim; Palmese, Frances; Paulette, W.B.; Peckham, Kenneth; Pennington, E.M.; Proffitt, John; Racette, Dana & Marc; Randall, Joe; Reardon, Kevin; Reynolds, Everette; Richardson IV, AJ; Richardson, Buddy; Richardson, Early; Riddell, Bobby; Robertson , Marsha; Robertson, Aubrey ; Runnett, Lloyd; Runnett, Mary; Runnett, Tommy; Russell, Alice; Russell, Jim; Scheurenbrand, Howard; Seal, B.M.; Seay, Douglas; Seay, James; Seay, Romulas; Seay, W. Aubrey; Shelton, Mae; Sheridan, Virginia Cameron; Shumake, Michael; Shumaker, Joann ; Sims, John Sam; Skwarlo, Ola Mae; Smith, April; Smith, Jimmy; Smith, Norman; Smithdeal, Chris ; Snider, Jack; Spaur, Doug & Robin; Sprouse, Terrel; Stewardson, Becky; Stiles, Audrey ; Stiles, Ron; Stockton, Jimmy & Joy ; Swasey, Marcia & John; Talley, Charles; Talley, Lonnie; Talley, Wanda; Thacker, Milton; Thomason, Sandy; Tiblis, Linda; Towsey, Billy ; Trainum, C.P.; Trainum, Roy; Treacy, Karen Graham; Vaught, Elsie Alhizer; Vawter, Clifton; VonHemert, Tom; Whitlock, Edward; Whitlock, WW; Williams, Boo; Wilson, Barbara; Winston, Charlie; Winston, Charlie Mary; Wood, Debra; Woodward Jr., HM; Woolfolk, Frank; Wynn, Harry; Yost, Chris; Young JR., Harry.

The First!

The first members:

  • R. Edward Martin
  • HM Woodward Jr.
  • Robert F. “Perk” Perkins
  • Howard Seay
  • Vernon Dunn
  • William T. Johnson
  • Charlie M. Winston
  • Russell D. McDonald
  • Austin Shumake
  • Joseph W. Randle
  • Edgar T. Reeves Jr.
  • HH Walton Jr
  • C. McQueen
  • A.M. Rucker
  • W.J. May
  • GB Duke
1st BOD:

  • WAC Pettit, Jr.
  • WG Fisher Sr.
  • JB Hadder Sr.
  • C Monroe Mills
  • William A. Cooke
  • Donald L. Atkins

  • WW Whitlock

  • Griffith Daniel
  • AR Southall
  • Walter L. Blankenbaker
  • HW Judd
  • EB Pendleton
  • RW Wash